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Do I need to hire movers?

Do I need to hire movers?

Moving offices requires planning and preparation and the physical act of moving is often one that is overlooked. By loading all your heavy furniture, electrical items and general office equipment and then unloading again in your new location, many say hiring a mover, where they handle it all for you, is priceless.

If you are wondering whether movers are required, the answer is completely up to you. Just like everything else, hiring them comes with a great set of benefits: it will help you save time, money, energy and also make your move less stressful for you, your family or your employees.

Securely transport your office equipment. The success of the daily business operation is frequently dependent on the availability of office equipment. With this in mind, it is important to keep them safe and secure while moving, so hiring professional movers to do this job is perhaps one of the best decisions you will make. Professional movers are highly-skilled in moving various objects without damaging them. Electronic equipment, large pieces of furniture, glassware and other things can be left safely in their care. To make this happen, they use the right packing materials and moving boxes and implement the right loading and unloading techniques to prevent injury.

They are licensed and insured. There is no risk to staff getting injured or an object getting damaged during the moving process, when you hire professional movers. They will make sure that your belongings are protected and in the rare case something gets damaged, your belongings are insured.

They can reduce staff stress levels. Using your staff to handle an office move will save you money. However, putting this responsibility on their hands might not be as simple as you think because they are not used to carrying and moving heavy objects from one location to another. Don’t let your staff handle this kind of stress, hassle or risk of injury. They are a significant asset in your business and their health and safety should be one of your top priorities. Make your life and their lives simple. Hire professional movers when you are relocating your business.

They present an economical option. Due to the fact that professional movers already have a network of reliable vehicles and trained and professional staff, they can move your items in a fast and easy manner, making them a cost-efficient option. On top of that, they often have a quick turn out time because of their experience.

They can help you reduce business disruptions. Moving always involves disrupting normal business operations but you can reduce the impact it will create on your business by hiring movers. By allowing a professional team to handle the moving, you can keep your focus on running your business. Aside from that, your employees can continue working as they should because you have professional people who will move your office items for you.

They will provide everything you need to move. Without engaging a removal service, you will inevitably have to rent vehicles and moving equipment to transport your office items. Professional removal companies give you everything you need: from packing supplies, crates, lorries and more. In fact, there is a lot that removals companies can do for you.

How far in advance do I need to book?

If possible, try to book a removals company 4 to 6 weeks before your moving date so that you can arrange a pre-move office survey, get and review quotes and make final arrangements for the move date etc.

Advanced booking will give you the time to properly plan things while avoiding the rush of last-minute arrangements. Aside from that, removal companies are often booked up during certain times like bank holidays, summer, end of the month or weekends. Booking in advance will give you a better chance of securing a schedule of your preference while securing a great deal from them.

How long do movers take?

Depending on the number of items they need to pack and move, it will probably take them a few hours, a day or more to finish everything. You have to consider that if you will let them pack everything, it will take time because they will always give the greatest level of attention and care to your items. It is better to talk with the removals company about this so you will have an idea of how long it will take for them to serve you. If you prefer to pack your own items, then it will only take a few hours for them to load and unload your items from your old destination to the new one, especially if your new location isn’t too far away.

What will movers not pack?

If you want to hire a removals company for your move, you must be aware that there are some items that they will not pack. They actually have a checklist of items that they cannot pack and refuse to move as well. Think about potentially hazardous items such as paint, paint thinners, gasoline, matches, propane cylinders, oxygen bottles and more.

If these items are considered dangerous for them, it will also be dangerous for you to move too. In many cases, it is better to repurchase and replace them when you arrive at your new destination as transporting just isn’t worth the risk.

Most removals companies don’t transport valuable items as well, so you should consider keeping them with you while moving. Although they can reimburse you if they get lost or damaged, the sentimental value that they hold is irreplaceable. It’s worth considering which items you feel should stay within your care. To be clear on what can or can not be moved, it is best to ask your removal company to complete a move survey as part of the quote process.

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