Effective Ways to Make Moving Easier

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There are a lot of ways to help you make your household move easier and more smooth. Moving home is one of the most biggest household tasks there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. But you could make it through this huge process unscathed and ready to enjoy your new abode.

Here are the tips to help you avoid moving day chaos.

Figure out your move strategy

For shorter moves, you will either need to assemble some nice friends with trucks or consider renting one for the day. If you have a big family to move, or you're moving a long distance, you will want to price a moving company.

Keep your movers in the loop

Communicate with your moving company and explain to them all the requirements and expectations prior to booking. Your mover also has to be aware of all those minor details in order to estimate your total cost and move time, as well as having the proper equipment available. It includes informing the company about any overweight items like fridges, televisions, piano etc. And of course the access restrictions like narrow driveway, small elevator etc. and whether you'll need help with assembly and disassembly of furniture.

Reuse boxes

Before you start packing, grab a few boxes at a time when you visit the supermarket. Bear in mind that smaller boxes are much easier to carry when facing stairs and narrow pathways.

Take inventory

Having a record of your household items is useful in case something goes missing. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of the contents of each of your boxes. Assign each box a number and write that number on each side and maybe with the appropriate room listed also. This is very important if you're hiring a moving company.

Don’t mistake belongings for trash

Avoid packing things in bin bags. Well-meaning family or friends could accidentally throw them out on moving day.

Hook up essential services

Make sure that you understand how utility bills will be transferred over to you from a previous owner. Arrange to have your cable, phone line and internet working if necessary.

Treat your movers

Be sure to have food and drinks that are readily available for everyone whether hired movers or family and friends.

Prepare a moving day kit

Just keep one box aside for your essentials that you will need on moving day, like cleaning supplies, light bulbs, a change of clothes and your toiletry bag, etc.

Be ready for your movers

Whether you have professional or family movers showing up at your door be ready for them when they arrive.

Protect your valuables

Find a safe place to store your valuables. Insure anything that's breakable and valuable if you're using a moving company. If you're moving a computer, do a quick back up of your important files just in case something happens in transit.

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