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How Much Does It Cost to Move to Spain from the UK?

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Spain from the UK?

Moving abroad is exciting and an amazing experience, but it can also be a stressful and bewildering process. If you're not aware of all the factors involved in moving to Spain, you could be making some costly mistakes before even leaving your home country. Find out more about what to expect for your move to Spain by reading this article.

Factors That Affect the Total Cost of Your Move

Looking to move house abroad, but not sure how much it will cost you? Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider as you plan your move from the UK to Spain:

Total volume of your belongings

The total volume of your belongings is the biggest factor you’ll have to consider when allocating the budget for your move. Typically, you’ll be charged per cubic metre or cubic foot.

Means of transportation

You can move your belongings to Spain from the UK via road, sea or air. In general, transport via sea is the cheapest method due to much lower costs in terms of space and fuel. Ships can accommodate a lot of cargo, unlike road or air freight where the capacity they can carry is considerably less. Shipping by sea is particularly favourable if you’re moving large and heavy belongings.

However, in terms of speed, air freight is of course the fastest, making it a popular option if you’re in a hurry to move your items to your new home. Road freight, on the other hand, is another economical and quick option, although how long your belongings will arrive at their destination is dependent on the weather and road conditions.

Distance from your old home to your new home

The final costs for your removals will also vary depending on the total distance covered. Moving to Madrid from the UK will incur different costs than if you’re moving to Andalucía, for example. The more miles travelled, the higher the costs.

Other factors that influence the final amount you’ll pay are accessibility and labour hours. How easy will it be for the removals team to deliver your items to your new property? Is there a parking space or lifts for them to use while loading and unloading your belongings? How far is the parking space from the front door? These are just some of the questions you’ll have to consider. Additionally, more effort and more hours put in by the removalists would generally translate to increased costs.

Time of your move

The date that you pick for your move is another crucial factor. Moving during the weekend, holidays, peak seasons or at the end of the month might incur higher costs. Generally, there’s also a higher demand for removal services when it’s summer time, so keep this is mind when planning for your move.

Customs clearance

Don’t forget those customs duties, taxes and other applicable fees must also be paid before your shipment can be processed. To avoid delays in your shipment and to ensure that you’ll experience a smooth process of moving your belongings, you should partner with a removals team that can give you reliable advice on customs procedures.

Additional Services

When hiring a removals company for your big move, you can also hire them for other services besides transporting your items. These services can make your move a less stressful one, but note that they also come at an additional cost. Some of these are:

  • Packing

    One of the most stressful parts of moving is packing all of your stuff. Because there are a lot of factors involved in packing, it can be overwhelming to do it all by yourself. You’ll have to identify which items you’re bringing with you, create an inventory, make sure that you have the right packing materials, secure fragile items properly and more. For a smoother move, professional removalists can handle any packing involved, from assembling or disassembling furniture to wrapping items needing special care.

  • Insurance

    Getting insurance for your valuables is necessary, especially when you’re moving them over long distances. Full insurance usually covers the full cost of your item in case it gets lost or damaged along the way.

  • Storage

    There are some cases when you’ll need storage services due to unforeseen events or delays, causing you to move in your items at a much later date.

  • Pet transport

    Moving your pet can also be a long process, which is why you’ll need to consult with professional removalists on how to guarantee a smooth trip for your pet.

  • Vehicle transport

    Costs for international haulage services can vary depending on the vehicle you own, destination, shipment method, shipment time and other factors.

Saving Tips

How to move house from the UK to Spain and save at the same time? Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Declutter your items before you pack them. This way, you can sort out which items are really necessary for you to bring to your new home.

  • If you’re only moving a small number of items, consider groupage shipping options for more savings.

  • List all expected expenses, and set some funds aside, so you have a buffer for your budget in case of unexpected expenses.

  • Partner with the right removals company by comparing quotes and reading customer feedback.

If you’re still unsure how to move house from the UK to Spain and how much it can cost, contact Cotswold Carriers and get a quick quote from us today. Our European removals services can help you make the perfect, stress-free move.

Cotswold Carriers is a family run business, based in Oxfordshire, with over 40 years’ experience in domestic and commercial removals – both in the UK and Europe. As a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) you can feel confident that when you employ any of our removal services, you are using a reputable, professional and financially protected company. All BAR Members are also monitored by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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