How to perfectly pack your items for storage

How to perfectly pack your items for storage

When it comes to moving your things to storage, you should be wary of how you pack them. Here are some tips on how to perfectly pack your items for storage.

Getting your items ready

When moving any large quantity of items, it’s always best to be prepared. If you’re moving clothing items or other fabrics, make sure they’re all freshly washed and dried before you pack them away because they’re going to be sat in the storage unit for a while.

Create a list

List all the items that are going into your storage unit - like a handy inventory. Label boxes and write lists of what items are in each box, this will make them easier to find later and will keep everything organised.

Packing the items

Pack heavy items together in small boxes, or create a layer at the bottom of each box with your heavier things. Don’t overload your boxes either, they could end up breaking! Wrap up delicates in tissue paper and bubble wrap to assure they’re safe and place them at the top of your boxes. Clothing or furniture, such as mattresses, should be placed in protective bags to keep them fresh while in the storage unit.

Disassemble furniture

Many furniture items can be disassembled easily, such as bed frames and tables, and this can enable you to make the most of your storage space. Be sure to keep the parts together, including screws and bolts, so that when it’s time to reassemble you won’t have to worry about any missing parts.

Store inside your furniture

Make use of items which could potentially be used to store other things. For example, if your fridge is going into storage then the inside could be used as shelving for books and DVDs - there’s no point wasting valuable space!

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