Moving house with pets

Moving house with pets

Moving house is a big change in your life - but you might not consider that it’s a big change in your pet’s life, too! Cats and dogs grow comfortable with their familiar surroundings and so it might be unpleasant for them to have to be moved. Here are some tips so you can ensure the move is as undisruptive as possible for your furry friends!

Don’t stress

Moving day is a stressful time for anyone! However, our furry friends are very good at picking up on stress and this may make them uncomfortable. For their sake, remain as calm as you can and avoid moving them around too much.

Make space for your pet

Before the removals company arrive to take your things, it can be a good idea to clear out a room for your pets to stay in. Many pets, especially cats, can get uncomfortable around strangers, so putting them into an empty room with their things while the rest of the house is being emptied can enable them to stay calm and comfortable.

Other preparations

We all hear about stories of cats returning to their old houses, so be sure that your pet is microchipped with your new address so they can be reunited with you if lost!

It’s also a good idea to avoid feeding your pet right before you hop in the car with them as this can help to avoid car sickness! If moving with a cat, ensure they are placed in a secure pet carrier for the journey.

The most important thing of all is to give your pet plenty of love, attention and reassurance during and after the move!

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