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Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle Transportation

When people move overseas the focus quickly moves from finding a new home to organising shipping containers, removal firms, packing items, sorting schools and so on. One thing that often gets overlooked is the transportation of cars. Most assume they will drive their cars to their new home but this could be days worth of travel - especially for those who move to Southern France or Spain.

Spending long hours on unfamiliar roads, the impact on children or pets, the cost of overnight accommodation, the tiredness that comes from travelling long distances, not to mention the extra wear and tear to the car, is usually a reason that people prefer to fly to their new home location than drive.

An alternative is to hire a car shipping company to arrange the pick-up and drop-off for you. When you hire a car shipper to transport your vehicle, you can reap several benefits. Here are some of the advantages we see:

Less planning and worry

If you're driving to your destination, you will need to prepare your car for long-distance driving, including stopping for fuel, rest stops, hotels, and meals. Additionally, you'll need to be prepared for travel complications like vehicle breakdowns and road works.

As a result more & more people are turning to car removal specialists - they take care of the logistics, the journey planning and so on - allowing you to focus on more important matters. You can even request enclosed shipping to protect your vehicle from the journey.

Saves time

Shipping your car can be a good option for people who don't have time to drive it themselves., since driving across multiple countries can take several days out of your week, and long days behind the wheel each day.

You can select a specific arrival date and time window, as well as the delivery point. As an example, if you fly to your destination, you could organise for the car to be available for collection from the airport car park - a guarantee you will have the car when you need it.

Protects your vehicle

Your vehicle suffers unnecessary wear and tear when it travels thousands of miles. Of course, this has an impact on your maintenance schedule, maintenance costs, replacement tyres and ultimately your resale value. Shipping your vehicle will prevent you from gaining extra mileage and incurring unneeded wear and tear.

Safer for you and your family

You are at risk of accidents when travelling in a car for extended periods with tiredness, reduced reaction times and inclement weather being the largest cause of accidents for foreign drivers. Sitting in the driver's seat for extended periods of time (days on end if you are driving to Spain for example) can also result in back pain and soreness. It is certainly more comfortable to relax on a flight, knowing that your car will arrive safely at its destination, by trusting a reliable car shipping company to transport it for you.

Saves money

Even without the consideration of your time or comfort, when you research how much fuel and hotel costs along the route are, there is usually a similarity in price compared to paying for a car shipping company. Once you then add in the cost of maintenance and repairs, as well as avoiding costly breakdowns and broken tires, the cost is usually less than driving yourself. Aside from that, you won't lose days & days on the road!

Lower insurance costs

A long-distance road trip could increase your automobile insurance premium since your driving distance influences rates. Getting in an accident would cost even more if you were on a road trip. Choosing to ship a car instead will preserve your current car insurance rates.

A shipping company provides insurance coverage for vehicles, so you can rest easy knowing your car is protected. When your vehicle reaches its final destination, the company's truck driver will inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during transportation. So, in the event of unlikely damage in the transportation, you won't have to pay for any repair costs.

Vehicle Transportation

Cotswold Carriers offer transportation for all types of vehicles including:

  • Ride-on Lawn Mowers

  • Prestige cars

  • Motorbikes

  • Quad bikes

  • Boats

  • MPVs

  • 4X4s and off-road vehicles

  • Classic cars

With deliveries throughout the UK and Europe, all our vehicles are equipped with car ramps and the necessary straps to secure your vehicle while in transit with us. While in transit with us, your vehicle will be securely transported inside our truck, keeping it secure, free from stone chips and protected from the elements.

Cotswold Carriers is a family run business, based in Oxfordshire, with over 40 years’ experience in domestic and commercial removals – both in the UK and Europe. As a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) you can feel confident that when you employ any of our removal services, you are using a reputable, professional and financially protected company. All BAR Members are also monitored by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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